Friday, February 11, 2005

Drucker ドラッカー

Nikkei's "my CV" column in February is written by Drucker, a guru of Managament. I have read several his book but did not know him. I thought he was American but he was originally from Austria. Last two writers were not interesting for me but Drucker's CV is good. He says in the column that he has met Freud. I thought that a good relationship with top people was important for success. Let me see. I have attended the lecture by Kisshinger. Hmmm. It seems that success depends on the person.


日本で先行発売されたネクスト・ソサエティ ―は、PESTEL分析とかに役に立つし、まあ、暇なときに読むと良いかも。しっかり読みたいときはManagement Challenges for the 21stがお薦めです。英文は簡単なので、すぐ読めると思います。


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